How to Make Safe Passive Income in 15 Years or Less?

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To make passive income safely is my goal. This website outlines the journey that I took to learn how to harness my earning power so that I can ultimately establish secure and unlimited income…in 7 years.

I think I have come up with some smart passive income ideas for my early retirement plan. I will share them with you on this website.

But first let me define for you what I mean by “safe” and “passive incomes” – with an “s” as stated in this websites name.

By “safe”, I am referring to two elements:

  1. the process that you take to establish your passive income streams must be done in such a way not to jeopardize your current financial state such as must not cause you to become bankrupt or over burden your current income; and

  2. the particular passive income opportunities that you pursue must have a very low risk margin to get involved in and must be paid for or into out of your discretionary funds not using your household budget funds.

What I mean by “passive incomes” with an “s” is to indicate that I am talking about pursuing multiple passive income streams here not just one like you build in the typical job retirement situation. It becomes necessary to build multiple passive incomes streams if your goal is have a comfortable retirement.

In a 3-part post series, I explain the process I am using to strategically and safely earn income at a consistently growing rate with the intention of eventually reaching the level of financial independence that I desire.

I share this with you in hopes that the things that I’ve am sharing could be of value to you and enable you to establish safe passive incomes for yourself too. So you too can retire in 7, 10 or 15 years. It really doesn’t have to take 40 so I’ve learned.

However, let me warn you upfront. You will not see any get rich quick schemes and no free rides here. So if you are looking for an easy way out of your financial anxieties, I’m sorry but I want to tell you first off that this will take effort on your part. At the same time, I guarantee that if you combine your focused, relentless effort with this proven strategy to increase your earning power that one day you will literally be able to buy your own freedom—freedom from ever having to punch a clock again, if you chose not too.

Now let me walk you through my strategy for relieving financial stress starting with increasing my earning power.

So I will first lay the foundational understanding that we all must start from.

Watch this video to learn why making passive income is soooo important for you to consider. Then Click here to Read Part 1.


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